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Please find below a list of documents related to highways.

Guidance on the selection and recommendations for the use of road surfacing materials and European Standards for Asphalt.

London-Asphalt-Specification-Revision.pdf (2 downloads)

The London Asphalt Supervisors Handbook is a document which supports the London Asphalt Specification and is aimed at Clerk of Works and Supervisors. The book was developed specifically to be a tool for Clerk of Works/Supervisors so they can quickly refer to it on site and it will enable them to make clear decisions. This document should enable the Clerk of Works/Supervisor to be able to make quick references on site. It should allow the Clerk of Works/Supervisor to prepare the required paperwork for site, and ultimately give the Clerk of Works/Supervisor the tools to question how work is undertaken on site and to ensure high quality work is delivered. Funding for the the book was provided by LoTAMB http://www.lotamb.co.uk/ the book was written by Ian Walsh of Road Consultants http://www.roadconsultants.co.uk/

London-Asphalt-Supervisors-Handbook.zip (2 downloads)

1 Template for skid resistance policy: The purpose of this document is to provide a template for a Skid Resistance Policy. The document has been written in a generic fashion and each London borough and TfL will need to apply their own particular format and terminology. 2 Guidance Document for implementing a skid resistance policy for London: This document sets out to provide clear unambiguous procedures for managing the skid resistance for the road surfaces for the principal road networks of the London Boroughs and the Transport for London (TfL) roads. This guidance document is based on the HD 28/04 and IAN 98/07 standard, but also takes into account, the results from a separate study that compared the wet accident rates against the skid resistance from the London Principal network.

London-Skidding-Policy.zip (2 downloads)


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