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Piece of News by Organisation: Seminars & Events

PTRC courses available Feb – May 2018 with discounts for LGTAG members

PTRC courses available Feb – May 2018 with discounts for LGTAG members

Dear TAG member

We have negotiated discounts for all TAG members on PTRC courses even if they are a private sector outsourced company or regional government (like TfL).

PTRC courses have been recognised over several decades to be some of the best in the business.

Between Feb and May the following courses are available – details including links and joining instructions are in the attachment.

1st Feb 2018 Overcoming the Challenges of Poor Air Quality, London

07 February 2018 Construction Management Plans, London

08 February 2018 Developing Successful School Travel Plans, London

13 February 2018 Traffic and Transport Survey Techniques, London

20 February 2018 Road Safety Audits, London

21 – 22 February 2018 Planning Public Transport, London

27 – 28 February 2018 Transport Modelling for Non-Modellers, London

06 March 2018 Mobile Data and Transport Planning, Birmingham

07 – 08 March 2018 Advanced Road Safety Audits, London

20 – 21 March 2018 Cycling for Transport, London

21 March 2018 Successful Planning Applications for Transport Planner London

11 – 12 April 2018 Planning Public Transport, Birmingham

12 April 2018 Fundamentals of Travel Planning, London

17 April 2018 Healthy Streets: Improving the Walkability of our Cities London

18 April 2018 Designing for Buses in the Urban Environment, London

24 – 25 April 2018 Design, Construction and Maintenance of Highway Drainage Systems, London

09 May 2018 Parking Scheme Design, London

15 May 2018 Cycling Infrastructure, Birmingham

16 May 2018 Delivering Effective Policy, London

22 May 2018 Successful Planning Applications for Transport Planners, London

23 – 24 May 2018 Public Inquiries and Appeals, Birmingham

PTRC-Courses-Feb-May-2018-discounted-for-TAG-members-2.docx (2 downloads)

Delivering Successful Local Communities 28th Feb Birmingham

Delivering Successful Local Communities 28th Feb Birmingham

Please note as in the attachment for TAG members only there is an excellent discount.

The conference will look at the Government’s Transport Investment Strategy and offer up-to-date knowledge, case studies and offer advice about improving quality of life and boosting your local economy.

  • Delivering a sub national transport body for the South East
  • How to manage integrated transport across cities
  • The use of green corridors in drawing people out of densely populated areas
  • How to deliver successful growth in key UK regions
  • What is the role of digital technology and travel?
  • The role of housing in helping to deliver better places to live and work

Seminar Programme – https://communities.tn-events.co.uk/conference/programme-details/
This seminar/conference follows a well reviewed event in Manchester during the Summer 2017

At Delivering Successful Local Communities key stakeholders with a responsibility for these areas will be brought together to find new ways to achieve their objectives as well as redefining relationships between local authority departments and the public and private sectors.

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