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Sustainable Travel Planning

Sustainable Travel Planning

Sustainable Travel Planning

For 10 years local authorities have been encouraging schools to be involved in sustainable travel planning with various degrees of success and very little clear scope for future-proofing the excellent work in developing school travel plans.  This was followed a few years ago with new legislative responsibilities for sustainable modes of travel to school.  How have local authorities coped with these new duties?  Well Gateshead Council has developed a web-based curriculum tool for primary schools – TravelMatters.  Check it out!

www.travelmatters.org.uk is an innovative new website, developed by Gateshead Council and dedicated to promoting sustainable travel to primary pupils in the classroom.  It was created to take account of the need for widespread dissemination of the relevant messages and contains ready-to-use resources for teachers to download. As such, it is an efficient and economic way of promoting sustainable travel to pupils.

TravelMatters’ resources give pupils and teachers information, motivation and practical ideas for travelling sustainably. They fit neatly into existing subject areas, thus aiding busy teachers by not only removing the need to create specific materials for this purpose but also offering high quality resources that help deliver the curriculum. The site also offers an appealing interactive area for pupils.

This curriculum approach to promotion of sustainable travel underpins all other interventions such as Pedestrian and Road Safety Training, Bike It and Cycle Training.  It was developed by School Travel Advisers with over 10 years experience of sustainable travel promotion.  Their aim was to see the messages embraced as an integral part of a school’s ethos.

Access can be provided to all primary teachers in your area through obtaining an annual licence.  Local authority licences start from £700, which represents excellent value for money when broken down into cost per school.


Nick Clennett


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