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Piece of News by Organisation: Seminars & Events

The PTRC Spring 2021 offerings – good professional development opportunities

The PTRC Spring 2021 offerings – good professional development opportunities

Our friends at PTRC have their Spring basket of goodies on offer as shown in the table below.  Some LGTAG members can get discounts.

 March Link to more detail / booking
3 – 4 March 2021Planning Public Transporthttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4356
11 March 2021Road Safety Audits – Principals and Good Practicehttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4357
16 March 2021Construction Management Planshttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4343
24 March 2021Air Quality and Transport Planning 
25 March 2021An Introduction to Big Data 
30 – 31 March 2021Transport Modelling for Non-Modellershttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4358
21 April 2021Urban Logistics for Transport Plannershttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4359
27 – 28 April 2021Cycling for Transporthttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4360
06 May 2021Scenario Planning for Transport Plannershttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4382
11 – 12 May 2021Design, Maintenance and Construction of Highways Drainage Systemshttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4384
18 – 19 May 2021Designing for Buses in the Urban Environment 
21 May 2021Cycling Infrastructure Designhttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4391
25 May 2021Essential Legislation for Transport Plannershttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4392
26 May 2021Successful Planning Applicationshttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4393


PTRC Courses Q1 2021

PTRC Courses Q1 2021

Please see the interesting range of professional development courses available from our friends over at PTRC in the first quarter of 2021. LGTAG members can get some discounts too.


DatesJANUARYDetails via link to PTRC websiteCPD
13 January Participation and Consultation in Transport Planninghttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/43486
14 January The Fundamentals of Travel Planninghttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/43516
20 January Traffic Orders for Transport Plannershttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/43526
27 January Principals of Traffic and Transport – 20 Week Evening Lecture Serieshttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/438020
28 January Successful Planning Applicationshttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/43646
2 – 3 February Transport Modelling for Non-Modellershttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/435312
10 February Access and Inclusionhttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/43546
24 – 25 February Scheme Appraisal for Transport Plannershttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/435512
04 & 11 February Public Inquiries and Appealshttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/433912
3 – 4 March Planning Public Transporthttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/435612
11 March Road Safety Audits – Principals and Good Practicehttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/43576
16 March Construction Management Planshttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/43436
30 – 31 March Transport Modelling for Non-Modellershttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/435812



LGTAG supporting Highways UK 2020

LGTAG supporting Highways UK 2020

We are again delighted to be supporting this year’s Highways UK On Line which will be a 5 day festival from 2nd to 6th November. It has the usual array of great speakers and is a brave and exciting (hopefully temporary) move to a digital platform.

Friday the 6th will be the local authorities hub day with particular interest and input from LGTAG – John Lamb is on from 0950 that morning talking about resilience.

You can see the agenda and book your free space  at HUK’s site here.

PTRC – Autumn Professional Development 2020 (with updated road safety course dates)

PTRC – Autumn Professional Development 2020 (with updated road safety course dates)

As the days draw in with winter approaching there are more valuable training and development opportunities this Autumn from our partners over at PTRC.  Many LGTAG members can receive discounts on the cost.

  1. Heading the list the long established 20 week PTRC lecture series on “The Principles of Traffic and Transport” returns online from October 1st.    More details available on their website here.

2. A wide range of other individual sessions are also running as listed below with links to more detail. PLEASE NOTE UPDATED ROAD SAFETY COURSE DATES



    14 October 2020

    Business Engagement and Travel Planninghttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4337
    16 October 2020Cycling Infrastructure Designhttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4338
    21-22 October 2020Public Inquiries and Appealshttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4339
    04 November 2020Successful Planning Applicationshttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4364
    10 November 2020Scenario Planning for Transport Plannershttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4342
    12 November 2020Construction Management Planshttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4343
    17 November 2020Project Managementhttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4344
    25 November 2020Traffic Surveys 
    16-17 December 2020 NEW DATES replaces 25/26 NovemberAdvanced Road Safetyhttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4362
    24 November 2020School Travel Planshttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4345
    02 December 2020Equality Act for Transport Plannershttps://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4346

Fireside chats with CILT / PTRC 16 & 23 July

Fireside chats with CILT / PTRC 16 & 23 July

Another couple of events that may interest our LGTAG members.

PTRC and CILT have two exciting Fireside Chats coming up in the next few weeks!

Both events are free to attend.

**What have the roads ever done for us, and what would we like them to do from now on?**

Thursday 16 July 2020
16:00 – 17:30 BST
[Free Booking Available here] (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ptrc-fireside-chat-what-have-the-roads-ever-done-for-us-tickets-110251142134)

**Freight and Logistics: Post Covid-19 & zero carbon – unpacking the 6 ‘C’s**

Thursday 23 July 2020
16:00 – 17:30 BST
[Free Booking Available Here] (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/freight-and-logistics-post-covid-19-zero-carbon-unpacking-the-6-cs-tickets-110961494818)

The previous two events in the series were a great success with over 3700 views.  [They can be seen here.](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDP28MZ2Wl8YxfBe241q5X8EoT2AH269q)

Highway inspections webinar – LCRIG / GAIST – 16 July 2020

Highway inspections webinar – LCRIG / GAIST – 16 July 2020

Our LGTAG members at GAIST are holding an event with our LCRIG partners that may well interest a wider section of our membership. Details below


Highways safety inspections are a statutory obligation for councils. Vital for keeping roads safe, they also provide authorities with critical evidence necessary for defending against claims.

However, these inspections consume much time and resource. Typically carried out by a slow-moving vehicle, or on foot, some routes may also require traffic management with its associated costs and disruption.  Due to the huge success of their first webinar, hosted by Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG),  Gaist will be holding a further session to unveil their modern solution that addresses many of the challenges you face in conducting your highways safety inspection.

Gaist would like to invite you to find out more about the new product SafetyView and how it can help you introduce significant cost and time efficiencies – enabling you to manage your safety inspections in a way never seen before.

Please click here to register for this webinar which will be taking place at 11am on Thursday 16th July.

Professional Training with PTRC – June and July 2020

Professional Training with PTRC – June and July 2020

Upcoming Online Learning Courses with PTRC – June / July 2020

PTRC have moved all their courses online to help you keep up with your CPD hours remotely! Courses will be delivered via face-to-face format with their trainers and where all course work, workshops and interactivity is as delivered in a classroom, allowing for the same level of learning!

24-25 June      Transport Modelling for Non-Modellers https://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4114

30 June            Traffic Orders – Principles and Good Practice https://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4117

2 July               Essential Legislation for Transport Planners https://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4091

7 July               Successful Planning Applications https://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4090

8+15 July        Public Inquiries and Appeals https://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4112

9 July               Urban Logistics https://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4250

14 July             Bid Writing https://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4244

15-16 July       Transport Planning for Non-Modellers https://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4114

20-21 July       Cycling for Transport https://www.ptrc-training.co.uk/Events/Event-Details/dateid/4092

To register, please click on the hyperlinks above, visit the PTRC website www.ptrc-training.co.uk, or contact a member of the PTRC Events team at [email protected].

Current fees per person for the one-day are £365 and for the two-day of £525 but we are please to advise that PTRC have kindly agreed to offer discount to some LGTAG members. Please enquire for more details on that member benefit.

LGA Webinar – Decarbonising Transport- Thursday 18 June 2020 from 1030 to 1145

LGA Webinar – Decarbonising Transport- Thursday 18 June 2020 from 1030 to 1145

LGTAG are pleased to advertise a webinar being hosted by our friends over at the Local Government Association. More details below.

The LGA is running a webinar on 18th June on Decarbonising transport after the COVID-19 crisis for LGA member councils. With expert speakers from University of Leeds, Sustrans and Department for Transport, this webinar is an opportunity to discuss the profound effect on travel patterns from the COVID crisis, and to discuss the future of private and active travel, public transport and councils’ ambitions for decarbonisation of the country’s transport sector. The webinar will be chaired by Councillor David Renard, Chair of the LGA’s Economy, Environment, Housing and Transport Board. Please go to the LGA website event page for further information and to book your place.


Colin Mann

National Secretary LGTAG



Future Streets – Landor event 12th Feb Fitzroy St London W1

Future Streets – Landor event 12th Feb Fitzroy St London W1

This event is on such a key theme for us in LGTAG trying to balance all the conflicting needs for the use of Street space on both the roadways and footways of our urban areas.

The details of the event can be found on https://www.transportxtra.com/tx-events/?id=2397

Landor have kindly given us two free tickets the first two confirming to me ([email protected]) they want them will get them.

In addition allpaid up LGTAG members can claim a 25% discount by quoting a code.  This code is available on the attachment (which will be available later today only visible to members)

Passcode-for-12th-Feb-2019-Landor-Future-Streets-event-LGTAG-25.docx (1 download)
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