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Satbir Gill

Recent LGTAG Blogs

Recent LGTAG Blogs

Most members will have already seen these Blogs attached to various e-mails from Roy but for those that haven’t this is a useful catch up.

Blogs are available as follows:

Aug 2012 Chair of LGTAG Coastal and Fluvial Risk management Committee Ruth Bendell (Northumberland CC)
Sept 2012 Senior Vice President Phil Moore (Medway Council)
Dec 2012 Chair of LGTAG Northern Ireland Andrew Cassells (note NI authorities have particularly strong skills in Waste management)
Feb 2013 Chair of LGTAG National Transport Committee Bob Donaldson
March 2013 Past President Satbir Gill (on his experience in the private sector – Hounslow Highways)
The contents of the Blogs are available to members only.
TAG-BLOG-December-2012.pdf (1 download)
TAG-Blog-Feb-2013.pdf (1 download)
TAG-BLOG-March-2013.pdf (0 downloads)
TAG-BLOG-September-2012.pdf (1 download)
TAGBLOGAug2012.pdf (0 downloads)

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